We are a family run business in NSW. Living a vegan and cruelty-free life, we wanted to further reduce our waste by finding products that fitted in with our lifestyle. Struggling to find this, we started to experiment with making skin care products for our very own use.
… and so The Bare Bar was born.
All natural, all vegan, zero waste.
Not only are we passionate about not using animal products, but we think we should all be aware and contribute to the future of our planet. We make sure no palm oils or plastics are used in our Bare Bar products.
We would like to share our beautiful products with everyone and keep waste to the bare minimum.
When you buy a Bare Bar product, you can be assured that there is no wastage. All offcuts of soap and shampoo bars are reformulated and donated to the homeless. Every time a doggie shampoo is purchased, part proceeds are donated to a local animal shelter.
Doesn't that make you feel good? It does to us!